Friday, February 10, 2017

On the re-habitation of fiction /CC01

"…On the desolate border between the North and South State lies Ruby Town, a settlement populated mostly by the descendants and cult worshippers of Martha Rubin – a famous oracle, who has returned to the living. Tales of her occult gifts and cryptic visions draw great interest in the region, and residents and transients gather to witness her dark predilections. The villagers nurture their recovering oracle and perform rituals in her name, as their future existence is threatened by radiation poisoning in the village, which is said to cause infertility amongst the women. The adjoining North State military outpost supplies the community with food, water and amenities, as soldiers fallen from grace merge with the rugged villagers. Conflicts occur and pass, cards are played, and rumors grow and die - among the strange phenomena…"

Almost a decade after intense embedded voodling for some 18 hours in Signa's Circle Camp, Sam Renseiw reminiscences this fantastic inhabitation of Fiction, blurring the usual boundaries between space(s), audience and performer(s).

The footage is still extremely fresh. Recorded with a tiny, handheld Contax U4R camera, Renseiw had no idea of what would happen next, during all recording, piercing the 4th wall of theatricality… complete with continouus Williams boot-cringing. All is absurdly genuine, including the performers, as they just thought the Contax was a sound recording device. Few had any notion of digital video ten years ago. " Filming" needed some much larger apparatus was the common knowledge then.

Enjoy the re-posted first episode. More of the 11 next will be posted regularly on the vlog, trying to fulfill the promise of a fully operating Vlog by June. [re-post patafim # 476b,02'45'', 525MB,Quicktime/mov > Vimeo]

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Monday, February 06, 2017

On thresholds and contrivances

Such is the contrivance of the Voodler. And such is also that of our knowledge. Instead of attaching ourselves to the inner becoming of things, we place ourselves outside them in order to recompose their becoming artificially. We take snapshots, as it were, of the passing reality….We may therefore sum up…that the mechanism of our ordinary knowledge is of a cinematographical kind… Voodling is the one art form where the voodler can see himself as the creator of an unconditional reality…. In voodles man’s innate drive to self-assertion finds one of its fullest and most direct means of realisation. A Voodle is an emotional reality, and that is how the audience receives it -as a second reality."

Paraphrasing some older Bergson text quotes, Renseiw resumes a bit of voodling activity; As as fresh piece of docu-voodling, a short visual sequence of architectural (urban)thresholds and contrivances is layed-out anew, in another duration, for better (intro)spection. View the short elongated visual above, underlayed with a (sublime) bout of de Tapol soundtrack. [patafilm # 875, 01'53'', 208MB,Quicktime/mov, Vimeo]

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