Friday, December 30, 2016

On the consistency of vining & voodling

“…Sam Renseiw does not lose heart and at each moment he thinks he has managed to see everything to be seen from his observation point(s), but then something always crops up that he had not borne in mind. If it were not for his impatience to reach a complete, definitive conclusion of his visual operation(s), Vining could save him from neurasthenia, heart attack, and gastric ulcer. And it could perhaps be the key to mastering the world's complexity by reducing it to its simplest mechanism: 6 seconds moving recordings. Sometimes shorter, always looping...” 

With the demise of the Vine app in January, the social-inter-activities will change. Yet, Investigating the coming Vine Camera as active app, more Renseiw (vine)compilations can be expected appearing here, next year. Interactive check on twitter: @SamRenseiw or IG: sam_renseiw. Since last year, some links on the Vlog have been repaired, yet about over 580 remain..If you find non working links in the in-between, try see if they might be on (sam patafilm/lumiere #(s) as in the posts texts) 

In the mean time: thank you so much (again) for (maybe still) following the work here or somewhere else…(somehow, somewhere in theses times of multiple platforms. Yet: the voodles (still)look great on iPhones and ipadminis, even the oldest ones. Try. A happy, prosperous and hopefully peaceful 2017 to all of you from your's sincerely: Sam R. (vine compilation #15, 10' 22’’, 950 MB, quicktime/mov /Vimeo)

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