Friday, July 22, 2016

Do you still make voodles ?

 "Yes. I think, if I may say so, it’s like a sentence by Picasso I was once struck by: “I like to paint until the painting refuses me.” I would say that vlogging won’t refuse me for a couple more voodles, a couple more years, so it’s a reconciliation. Not with what I want, because I don’t know what I want, but with what I want from what I have. And to be more able to not ask for something else, but to do only what you really like, to deal with what you have. It’s a more peaceful attitude. When I’m doing a voodle, I’m not angry anymore when it is not well done. Not to be angry that the video should be this way or against another way, but just to do it your way."

 In the midst of summer-DVD re-viewing, Sam Renseiw, immersed into "The "Idiots" and "The End of Language" fell prone to an irresistible recording urge… view the resulting dogma '95 inspired quick-shot docu-voodle complete with diegetic sound and the above JLG paraphrase by clicking on the icon above. [patafilm # 873, 04'10'', 445MB, Quicktime/mov > Vimeo]

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