Monday, December 15, 2014

On the space of waiting

 " You have changed lately. You don’t know whom you can trust anymore. Nothing seems to be, as you know it. You are confused. You need help. Therefore you have been called for observation in the psychiatric waiting place, the Laguna, for a five hour psychological screening…. The Laguna, is a temporary residence where psychiatric patients can stay for up to a year. The institution houses approximately 25 non-violent patients primarily of Non Danish European descent…. During your stay you will participate in different tests and activities with your co-patients….Waiting time may occur..."

Embedded (once more) in a new, challenging performative setting, Sam Renseiw managed to capture some snippets of (under-cover) footage under the duress of a five hours, continuous psychological screening session. View the short docu-voodle mash-up by cliking here or on the icon above. [patafilm # 866, 02'17'', 69MB, Quicktime/mov] 

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