Friday, December 14, 2012

On reporting to an academy

"Esteemed Gentlemen of the Academy!
You show me the honour of calling upon me to submit a report to the Academy concerning my previous life as a Voodler.
In this sense, unfortunately, I cannot comply with your request. Almost eight years separate me from my existence as a Voodler, a short time perhaps when measured by the calendar, but endlessly long to gallop through, as I have done, at times accompanied by splendid men, advice, applause, and orchestral music, but basically alone, since all those accompanying me held themselves back a long way from the barrier, in order to preserve the image. This achievement would have been impossible if I had stubbornly wished to hold onto my origin, onto the memories of my youth.
Giving up that obstinacy was, in fact, the highest command that I gave myself. I, a free Voodler, submitted myself to this yoke. In so doing, however, my memories for their part constantly closed themselves off against me. If people had wanted it, my journey back at first would have been possible through the entire gateway which heaven builds over the earth, but as my development was whipped onwards, the gate simultaneously grew lower and narrower all the time. I felt myself more comfortable and more enclosed in the world of moving images."

Paraphrasing Kafka, Sam Renseiw continues his videographer roundabouts while at the same time closing a chapter in an academy, opening new vitas more north. View the short montage by clicking on the image above. (other link following soon)

(patafilm # 853,35,4MB, 02'32'', quicktimemov.)

More Lumiere and steady flow of voodles on the line. Best SamR