Monday, December 31, 2012

Notes on Voodling [happy new]

"An image must be transformed by contact with other images, as is a color by contact with other colors. A blue is not the same blue beside a green, a yellow, a red. No art without transformation.

The truth of Vooodling cannot be the truth of theater, nor the truth of the novel, nor the truth of painting. (What the Voodler captures with his or her own resources cannot be what the theater, the novel, painting capture with theirs.) Voddles, where the images, like the words in a dictionary, have no power and value except through their position and relation.

If an image, looked at by itself, expresses something sharply, if it involves an interpretation, it will not be transformed on contact with other images. The other images will have no power over it, and it will have no power over the other images. Neither action, nor reaction. It is definitive and unusable in the Voodler's system. (A system does not regulate everything. It is a bait for something.)"

Closing this year with a short moving dipthyh featuring two distinct images and paraphrasing Bresson's notes, Sam Renseiw concludes this years pataphysical body-space morphological investigations. Thank you to all friends and viewers: Best wishes for a creative and peaceful new year. Sam R.

(patafilm # 854, 01'33'', 24 MB, quicktime/mov)