Saturday, October 29, 2011

On geological maze & enlightened screening

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'If a straight line is the shortest distance between two fated and inevitable points, digressions will lengthen it; and if these digressions become so complex, so tangled and tortuous, so rapid as to hide their own tracks, who knows - perhaps death may not find us, perhaps time will loose its way, and perhaps we ourselves can remain concealed in our shifting hiding places'

After wondering what the duality of juxtaposition of Geological-Museum-footage and screening-in-a-theatre-footage might actually reflect, Sam Renseiw starts with a quote by Calvino; View the (almost) straight line digression by clicking here or on the links above.(patafilm # 838, 04'18'', 79Mb, Qicktime/mov - other versions at Bliptv)

Today's Bonus Lumiere Video features a short foyer screening. (lum # 328, "grobfoyer-future short" 00'22'', 5.5Mb, Quicktime/mov)

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Anonymous gurdonark said...

In August 2010 we visited the museum of the South Dakota School of Mines. Inside we found cases of minerals and huge fossils and displays of gems. We were captivated.

Outside, in a leafy tree, we saw a small prairie raptor sitting on a branch,

On the same trip, we visited the local art museum, and met the artist Allison Pebworth, whose exhibition juxtaposing 19th century poster board advertising with the dysfunction in the American "manifest destiny' doctrine was interesting, but competed in my mind with a much simpler set of pieces made from found objects called "Stuff I Made out of Junk" by a local fellow named Marshall Raeburn. I must admit a fondness for robots made from bailing wire and old bolts.

I like this film because it reminds me of the casual juxtapositions that make up so much of life, and the joy of appreciating each of them in their unreconciliable gestalt.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 6:08:00 am  

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