Tuesday, November 04, 2008

On talent management and docu-voodling

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" A talent was the mass of a cubic foot of water. The exact value of the talent thus depended on what foot was in use in a specific part of the world at a certain period in history. The Roman talent was defined as 80 Roman pounds ("librae", plural of "libra"). The value of the libra, from the days of Charlemagne, makes the Roman talent equal to about 26.107 kg. Incidentally, this would imply a value of about 0.2969 m for the Roman foot; For some obscure reason, a foot whose length is derived backwards from a given value of the talent is called a geometric foot. Outside of Rome, the talent was normally divided into 60 minas; a mina (or maneh) was thus roughly equal to a modern avoirdupois pound... on the other hand, a talent show can also be a live performance spectacle (sometimes on television) where contestants perform acting, singing, dancing, acrobatics, and other art forms. Talent shows have been around since the beginning of time. Some very early known works include Shakespeare plays held in courtyards for the community to enjoy."

Sometimes, one single afternoon might encompass a large variety of didactic, performative happenings, opening quite charming and oblique re-views into aspects of talent. Sam Renseiw recently checked into Talenthotel, a well prepared mini-conference with a delightful display of dance flow and Beatnix. View the second episode from this mini-spoap docu-voodle by clicking on the icon or links above.

Underneath, are the icons and links to the 3 other "talent-sketch-voodles". Click appropriately to view. (patafilm(s) # 640- ('02'32''/13.2MB), # 640a (02'10''/11.3MB), # 640b (02'09''/11.2MB) and # 640c (02'47''/14.4Mb), all Quicktime/mov - other versions at Blip.tv

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No Bonus Lumiere Video today. Sorry.
"But expect quite a few in the future" promises Sam, still loaded with footage from Japan.

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