Monday, January 08, 2007

On the essence of things in birdcage

" Pleased as porridge to hear of your recent ornithological pursuits, and hope to nest in your new orifice. Birdhouse: is that a Hitchcock thang, a Charlie Parker thang, a Lester Bangs riffing on Charlie Parker thang, or just some embarrasing Dada mask that you pull out to amuse yourself at lame parties? On the other hand, which is actually my right foot, why work so hard to make it signify when all it needs is an elemental beat, a conversant rhythm, and Maceo to take it to the bridge? I'll be the prowling cat at your birdhouse as long as you stay on the one and refuse to turn Jackson Pollock's soiled dropcloths into the latest raging fashion accessories. Rhythm now, form and meaning will take their shape when they're damn well ready."

Reflecting upon that most elusive question of what Art might be, Sam Renseiw, acting as amateur ornithologist, examines the subject in the closed confines of a bird cage. View the slow quicktime fluttering by clicking here, or branch in above. (patafilm # 330, 01'45'', 8.9 MB. Quicktime/Mov - Flash version for PC at