Friday, December 22, 2006

On the nature of in-door birdies

" I made a science fiction film which I'll show you. It's ten after four in the afternoon, and everybody in the world mysteriously falls asleep. Just like that, they are driving cars, whatever they are doing, bang!, they got to sleep, the Russians, the Chinese, the Americans, the Danes, and the whole world sleeps for exactly one hour, till ten after five, and they wake up at ten after five, and mysteriously upon awakening everybody in the world find themselves in a mini-golf craze"

At last finding a moment of rest on the third floor of Copenhagen's largest shopping mall, Sam Renseiw fantoms the depths of Danish niche-culture in a globalized world. To view the birdie attempt click here or mouse-click on the green above. (patafilm #322, 01'45'', 7.5 MB , Quicktime/Mov - Flash version streaming for PC at


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