Friday, December 01, 2006

On the ethnology of being there

"But, in essence, the Swedish experience of the creation of the picturesque was remarkably similar to our own; a psychic colonisation of the wild by the imposed architectonics of civilisation. It's these opening sections of the book which, in keeping with the growth of holidaying itself, make you feel as if on a craven mission into a brave new world, spreading your towel by an isolated brook and indulging in some scary skinny-dipping in the sinuous rills of the author's prose."

Our a short holiday-like trip to Sweden, Sam Renseiw also indulged in some day dreaming, documenting a sense of place in ethnological confines, sort of being there. View the extended linkage either by clicking here or enter by the icon above. (patafilm # 310, 01'10'' 5.7 MB, Quicktime/mov - Flash version for PC )


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nice links to Surreal Scania ! a convincing body of work -
David Carson meets Twin Peaks !
if W&W are looking:

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