Monday, October 16, 2006

Travelling trough aether

"In 1927 a writer in the Radio Times declared it unsurprising that poets should write about radio, ‘for the new magic, which pours the music of the concert room into the stillness of the cottage and brings the song of nightingales into the heart of Town, is of the very stuff of poetry.’ That early fascination with the power of the invisible waves that transmit thoughts around the globe persists, and continues to draw activities from artists who find that the kinship of both forms as purveyors of ‘pictures in the mind’ remains a unique one in the constantly evolving development of electronic media"

Still Anaphoric, Sam Renseiw recorded Eva W. setting-up her large collection of radios before the performing of anfor[a].View the etheric piece by clicking here, or enter the bandwith above. (patafilm # 275, 01'39'', 7.6 MB, Quicktime/mov - Streaming Flash version at