Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The mermaid's double aspect

"...our consciousness would never regard time as a homogeneous medium, in which the terms of a succession remain outside one another. But we naturally reach this symbolical representation by the mere fact that, in a series of identical terms, each term assumes a double aspect for our consciousness, one aspect which is the same for all of them, since we are thinking then of the sameness of the external object, and another aspect which is characteristic of each of them, because the supervening of each term brings about a new organization of the whole."

As the following scene could have taken place thirty years ago, Sam Renseiw attempted to somehow re-capture it, once more. View the timeless fascination the little mermaid attracts - on her 93rd birthday - by clicking here, or click on the worn icon above (patafilm # 235, 01'39'', MB, Quicktime/mov - Flash version here) Yet, this is just a crude and dull world, compared to Paul Neave's amazing Bonobo:Flutter. Enter his fantastic, multi-layered and funny universe!


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