Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yet another arrival of a train to a station

"The cinema is an invention without a future" declared Louis Lumiere, who saw no future in the medium. He expected the novelty of watching images on a screen to wear off, when people could just as easily walk outside and open their eyes. He saw film as a technological curiosity and a trend that would not pass the test of time. For those first audiences, the very transcription of the most banal reality – the Lumiere bothers filming The Arrival of a train at La Ciotat Station – was a fantastic experience.

Sam Renseiw stayed inside the tram, filming the descent to the arrival at the station, on the way down from the Peak. A somehow banal, yet riveting short visual odyssey, capturing the inner whirls of a fixed gaze on some transient outline, synthesized. View it by clicking here, or touch the picturesque above (patafilm 165, 02'13'', 9.8 MB, mov/quicktime - Flash version here)