Friday, May 19, 2006

Something of the sort is going to happen

The future of the vlog, I would like to propose, lies in more explicit recognition of two poles, metaphysics and gossip, to which even serious vlogs tends and in more ingenious and convincing and effective ways of mediating between the two. For the vlog has the potential - by connecting the small facts that detain us with the large facts that enclose us - to be a means by which we are, if not unified, at least composed in a larger sense. Its future lies in exploiting to the maximum the power of the visual storyteller - who is able to invest a withheld fact with our curiosity, who can awaken in us a ravenous appetite for knowing a particular thing, a specific future - on behalf of the larger wonder of the metaphysician. By reconciling the vector of the journey towards revelation with the stasis of certain knowledge, such fiction would seem to fulfil one idea of the purpose of art: that of putting our minds and hearts into their least local mode without loss of intensity or interest.

As a picture is worth 1000 words, a short video should do for a whole speech muses Sam Renseiw, posting a lateral comment regarding the upcoming Vloggercon. View it by clicking here, or try pinching one of the seven hats above (patafilm #173, loop, 1.6 MB, mov/quicktime)