Saturday, May 13, 2006

On traffic and weekend

Just possibly, there are more wrecked cars in Jaques Tati's Traffic than in Jean-Luc Godard's Weekend. But these are beneficent wrecks, sometimes deserted and forlorn, sometimes gamely trying to make do with whatever parts they have left. Occasionally snappish around the trunks and doorlocks, cars are neither more nor less mechanical than the people who drive them, and whom they wonderfully express.

Copenhagen traffic, although decried by the locals as horrendous, is a comparatively calm and steady flow, interrupted here and there by some incongruous vehicles. For the sake of documentation, Sam Renseiw captured a short moment of Copenhagen rush hour traffic ( at 16:45 pm, thursday 11.05.2005, 55°41'26.98''N 12° 35'19.71''E ) View it here or click on the limo above ( patafilm 168, 00'45'', 3.7 MB, mov/quicktime - Flash version at