Monday, May 15, 2006

On remix and the art of travel

"...In the spring of 1790, a twenty seven year old Frenchman, Xavier de Maistre, undertook a journey around his bedroom, later entitling the account of what he had seen in his book "Journeys around my Room" ‘Millions of people who, before me, had never dared to travel, others who had not been able to travel and still more who had not even thought of travelling, will now be able to follow my example,’ explained Xavier as he prepared for his journey. ‘The most indolent beings won’t have any more reason to hesitate before setting off to find pleasures that will cost them neither money nor effort.’ ..."

As virtual traveling and presence is one of the qualities of watching vlogs while in your room, Sam Renseiw, fascinated by puritito tomate tv charming videos, undertook a remix of a juvenile marching band in Valparaiso; Thus traveling all the way to South-America to meet pepa's empathic gaze on daily matters. View the original here and see the remix -or enter the image above; ( pata-remix #6, 00'55'', 3.9 MB, mov/quicktime- Flash version at