Tuesday, May 16, 2006

On perceptivity and transformation

Perception is a dynamic conflict between the attempts of an outer world to impose an actuality on us and our efforts to transform this actuality into a self-centered perspective. Perception is a confrontation between an inward directed vector of external reality compelling awareness and an outward-directed vector of physiological, cultural, and psychological transformation. Where these vectors clash, where they balance each other, is what we perceive.

As it is necessary, in learning to see, to acquire the art of representing things according to the sensation, not according to the perception, Sam Renseiw perceived, in a futile attempt to circumnavigate the subject, a short moment of some relative objectivity, and rendered it, subjectively. View it by clicking here or take a stroll in the garden above (patafilm #170, 00'37'', 2.4 MB, mov/quicktime- Flash version here)

More oblique and serious stimulating work on the topic of perception(s) can be assessed by either viewing Mette Mærsk's stills, or, by probing Spherical Object's latest, branched vlog post. And: enjoy additional bonus perceptive LoopVideo from patalab02.