Sunday, May 14, 2006

On Media, Retrieval and Massage

McLuhan states that people adapt to their environment through a certain balance or ratio of their senses, and the primary medium of the age brings out a particular sense ratio. McLuhan sees every medium as an extension of some human faculty, with the media of communication thus exaggerating this or that particular sense. In his words, "The an extension of the foot. The book is an extension of the eye...Clothing, an extension of the skin...Electric circuitry,an extension of the central nervous system". Whatever predominates media will influence human beings by affecting the way they perceive the world

As the content of any medium is an older medium, Sam Renseiw performed some remix of cool Bitlabmalmo's video postings, insisting that an analysis of media content is meaningless, since it is the medium which carries the lion’s share of the communication. Simply put, the medium affects the body and the psyche in relatively unconscious ways; thus it is more powerful than the message, which largely appeals to the conscious mind. Watch the remix here, or enter the blue post above.
(pavlovian-vlogremix#1, 02'04'', 9.3 MB, mov/quicktime, Flash version at

Additionally, Patalab02 offers you a bonus ActionVideo here. (ActionVideo#8, 00'35'', 2.3 MB, mov/quicktime)