Friday, May 12, 2006

Of mice and Bill

Copenhagen, summer hot and visitor friendly, is also apreciated by ex-US president Bill Clinton; Bill arrived yesterday evening for a short stay of two days: "I'll spend my time as a tourist, and enjoy the city. I then intend to go on a shopping spree to help the Danish economy.. " said Clinton to a B.T jounalist. Officially it's actually not only shopping on Bill's schedule, but a speech to the chamber of trade in Copenhagen, and another speech to VIP's in the famous Tivoli garden.

Amazing what kind of rumble one can stumble upon, driving to work on your bike, muses Sam Renseiw, always camera-ready. Well, here is some fundamentally traditional vlogging for you: watch Bill Clinton discretely exit Hotel D'Angleterre working the crowd on his way to shop in Copenhagen, by clicking here or touch the icon above. (patafilm 167, 01'21'', 6.7 MB, mov/quicktime- Flash version at