Tuesday, May 09, 2006

By calling uppon the factual

"...I turn to the poetic visual with the hope that I might pursue both the possibilities of disappearance and the power of presence. I seek a space that unfolds softly, one that circles around, slides between, swallows whole. I want to live in a visual world that is elusive, to live in subtle doubt, unwilling to allow sharp, high-definition, unambiguous visuals with rational meaning to slip through..."

A Sam Renseiw claim for the blurred, vaguely transparent precision of a certain synaesthetic gaze, where loud colors, dark sounds and flavored smells have the possibility of unfolding, discarding notions of verification, reliability, and facticity for plural truths rooted in the personal. View yet another vague attempt at vlogging by clicking here or enter the scene above. (patafilm 164, loop, 1.8 MB, mov/quicktime, Flash video here)