Wednesday, April 19, 2006

On the loop capacity of modern airplanes

The lift generated by the "elevator" is located at some distance from the center of gravity of the aircraft. The change in lift created by deflecting the elevator generates a torque about the center of gravity which causes the airplane to rotate. The pilot can use this ability to make the airplane loop. Or, since many aircraft loop naturally, the deflection can be used to trim or balance the aircraft, thus preventing a loop.

A stunning Sam Renseiw documentary ! Watch flight CX 252 perform a perfect outside loop, somewhere over the North sea, bound to Asia, from Heathrow. A quiet sensation -seen through passenger window, from seat 57K. enjoy the ride by clicking here, or loop in the planewing above (Patafilm 145, 00'40'', 2.3 MB, mov/quicktime)