Friday, April 14, 2006

Homage to Storm Bugs's body of work

"...Storm Bugs are an anomaly. How could such sounds, radically challenging the accepted texture of electronic music, have been recorded over 20 years ago? And how come nobody has ever heard of them? The tracks on Let's Go Outside and Get It Over... exhibit Storm Bugs' spacious, reverberating grittiness. Howled vocals shift from front to background in the midst of industrial pounding percussion loops, urgent echoing monotones and an array of tinny sound effects..."

The serendipitous path led Sam Renseiw to Storm Bug's amazing soundscapes, still available. An humble picturesque homage to a wonderful body of work, two decades ahead of its time. View it by clicking here or by entering the space above; Remember to dig into the links in the text. ( patafilm 142, 01'51'', 6.1 MB, mov/quicktime)