Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Erin Zhu married Blixa Bargeld

"...She and I sat in the dark watching the glittering Hong Kong skyline, and spoke of our disparate rememberances of the past. Left unspoken between us was the fact that neither of us could think of any happy memories of my childhood. She told stories of me as a baby; I told her small pieces of triumph from my more recent past; the long years that stretched between age three through sixteen went untouched, bypassed with a shake of the head and mutterings of "there were historical reasons"...

A stunning, yet quiet ,Sam Renseiw chinoiserie night skyline compilation, seen from the Royal Hong Kong yacht Club's terrace; View it by clicking here or enter the waterfront above. ( patafilm 148, 01'19'', mov/quicktime)