Saturday, March 04, 2006

Tina Modatti, Frida Kahlo and my cappucino

"Until recently Tina Modotti's reputation was based on her personal association with Edward Weston, for whom she modeled during the 1920s. However, her sharply focused portraits, still-lifes, and abstract compositions, made in Mexico contemporaneously, show her to have been an accomplished photographer in her own right. Modotti's work combines a sophisticated sense of design with socially and politically oriented subject matter. Her images of the Mexican working classes and Mexican artifacts became powerful revolutionary emblems..."

San Renseiw seems to catch up with anything these days, in the snowy danish winter meeting Frida (flash movie) enjoy the video here or click on the feet above.('patafilm # 110, 01'01'', 6.5 MB , mov/quicktime )

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