Thursday, March 02, 2006

Satie said one day to Cocteau

Satie said one day to Cocteau: "I want to write a play for dogs, and I already have my set design: the curtain rises on a bone". It often happens with Satie that, amazed by the arresting image he suggests, we forget to dig for meaning beneath the proposal. Such a magic formula - we're happy just to mull it over, even pass it on, to transmit it intact. Why ask ourselves about the details of such a play? About its plot, its dialogue? Why did he go out of his way to describe the set?

Simply to raise the question touches on the pedantic or superfluous. In a play "for dogs," the bone is at once the content, the set and the plot. The set is the play. For Sam Renseiw the short 'patafilms are the massage, the content and the plot, set-up. View 'patafilm #108, fresh from the Mac here ,or clik on the coo-coo clock above. ( 00'49'', 5.3 MB mov/quicktime ) relinked 02.10.15

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