Sunday, March 12, 2006

On taking a glimpse at the same time

"The bride and groom share images by sitting at a table across from one another, looking directly into each other's monitors, taking a glimpse at the same time, and being very careful to set their camcorders down on the table at the exact same moment. The purpose of this is to keep one of the spouses from dying before the other. The tradition is that whoever is last to set his/her paraphernalia set on the table, will be the first to die. In " San-san-kudo," -- which translates as "three-three-nine times" -- a bride and groom begin by pretending to look into a three-tiered 2,5'' monitors, then actually glean into the image and internalize it in three steps. This series of action is performed for each of three videos. Three is a happy number symbolizing heaven, earth, and humanity. Nine is said to be the happiest number of all."

Sam Renseiw possibly mixing some things up; yet what an infinite, multi-layered approach, simultaniously, head on. View it by clicking here, or tickle the priest's collar. (patafilm 116, 4,6.MB, mov/quicktime)


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