Thursday, March 09, 2006

On Steiner, Beuys and Godard's blackboard use

" He often used the board to either emphasise a concept or date, or to imaginatively construct a complex idea and break it down according to a diagram. Often, initially simple sketches and diagrams were continuously developed during the course of a lecture until, in the end, an "imaginative, colourfully-flowing overall picture" was created which could be directly and vividly experienced. Most of the blackboard drawings were erased after the lecture, until an attentive listener, saw to it that the provided blackboards were covered with black paper. Thus many drawings were preserved after all.."

Sam Renseiw postulates that we can hear the 'drawing', the plan on the ground; at another level we find dissonant emphases, at the next level a voice, which is softly bound from its diction, and then another that is rigorous and hard in its articulation. All of this is synchronous. View it unfold here or click on the blackboard above.( patafilm #114, 01'42'', 15.3 MB, mov/quicktime)

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Blogger Jimi Bogdanov said...

Salut Sam, franchement merci pour ces petites découvertes : Beuys, Steiner, Goethe, Davis, God-Art et le magnétoscope !!!

Friday, March 10, 2006 4:49:00 am  

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