Friday, February 17, 2006

While the eye is shut, the visible breath is in

"Just imagine that while the visible breath is touching a star, the eye is shut. This is bound to happen, frequently, and the breath will then be left outside....The breath is very swift, and it is established that it is sent by the mind, and through the mind. It is clear that the eye can be closed only by the mind, by which all voluntary motion is communicated to the body; let the consequence then of this also be clear, that that which sends also receives; and when it wills, shuts the door in such a way as to involve no injury to itself; and so that nothing of its own may remain outside, especially too when the thing itself is of such speed that it immediately receives it back again...."

Armed with a borrowed Sword of Syllogism, Sam Renseiw paraphrases Abelard of Bath while capturing a lecture by Arne Bro. on the topology of filmic space. View it here or click on the board above ( 01' 15'', 5,5 MB, mov/quicktime ) / link update 02.10.15

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