Thursday, February 23, 2006

Repo dada_data

"Created by artistic outsiders, the techniques of Fluxus and Dada are now the stock in trade of advertisers and music video producers, and so some contemporary Dada-inspired video artists see their work simply as the beginnings of a television or movie career. One always hopes for a true Dada revival, but what if the Dada spirit in art really is dead, and not just dead again? What if Dada has finally become indistinguishable from the popular culture which it had a part in creating? When Dada cannot be imagined by means of its documents or by the physical stuff it leaves behind--Hugo Ball forbid-- it becomes mere data, interesting only for the technical beauties of its presentation."
Sam Renseiw dada dates some visual stuff, just out of class-room - pure repo manner - in depleted rationale. Flicker in here or eye-ball it above. (00'45'', 11 MB, mov/quicktime) / relinked 02.10.15

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Blogger Zoe Tati said...

Hi Sam
congratulation on film #101 !
such flow of consistently in your lababoratory.
from lab to labtop...
ciao, Zoe

Friday, February 24, 2006 10:36:00 am  

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