Sunday, January 22, 2006

On having the experience of drinking tea

"The particular implication of quantum theory that all the fuss is about is of course, as Lockwood puts it, “the simultaneous existence of distinct … experiences”. For instance, as I write this, I am having the experience of drinking tea. Quantum theory implies that vast numbers of other experiences of mine, including the experience of drinking coffee at this moment, are also taking place. The reason why I do not have an experience of having all those experiences simultaneously is that the laws of quantum mechanics restrict the operation of our brains so as to confine, as Lockwood puts it, “the gaze of consciousness to a kind of ‘tunnel vision’ directed downwards in the experiential manifold. We cannot look ‘sideways’ through the manifold, any more than we can look ‘upwards’, into the future.”

A Pure Sam Renseiw pataphrase. To experience the filmic gaze on the subject, click here or on the teapot above.(0.53 min, 3.8 MB, mov/quicktime)

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