Sunday, January 29, 2006

On footage and leg

" I stepped to the side to make way, slipped on the ice, rolled on my ankle, and went splat, back first, onto the footpath. I was embarrassed and confused and tried to get up and stop the fuss immediately. Then I realized something was wrong. Something was wrong with my left leg. Something indeed had given. It was my leg. I had broken it. But at this stage I didn't know. One hour later they told me I had a broken leg and I was going to be in a cast for six weeks. I remember thinking, "Oh no, that doesn't fit. I haven't got time to do that. I was on my way to Paris..”

Some dark Voodoo at work on Sam Renseiw, out of Vaterpas balance. Yet the event might result in more video postings the next weeks…
Click here to get on the feet, or enter directly above. (01’3’’, 5,7 MB, mov/quicktime) // rev.01.10.15

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