Monday, January 16, 2006

Exclusive Paris Hilton gossip

“…In my more honest moments, I am inclined to admit that I find only two things in the world truly fascinating: metaphysics and videoblog gossip. Everything between these two limits, between the general structure and meaning of the universe on the one hand and, on the other, who exactly went to bed with whom and what they did there, is of less compelling interest. Most of the things that are important to the material wellbeing of the human race, lie in this in-between zone, and are equidistant from metaphysics and gossip....And I take these things as seriously as anyone. But I am not concerned here with the serious and the important. I am concerned with the truly interesting; I am concerned with art; in particular with the art of video fiction…”

Sam Renseiw paraphrasing Raymond Tallis with a strange account of an early performance with Néena Zafranska; Probably “Stillness” at a Hilton, maybe in Paris… Another puzzling Zoë Tati video-excerpt. Click here to see the video, or on the image above (2.35 min. 3.7 Mb, mov/quicktime)

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