Friday, November 11, 2005

She was an evanescent visitor

" Evanescence — the video’s, and ours — is built into the disappearing acts of the syntax. Facing this ostentatiousness of physical sense, reading unfixes the temporality, makes it fluid — open to translation. And under a more direct control than any contemporary gaze could allow. It puts it on the control panel.
….I believe in actual plenty in plenty of time. Urgent action is not in graciousness, it is not in clocks… blessing instead of entirely. Are you willing to moisten rapid repetition with angular vibration. I am losing my individuality. It is a noise. Plan. All languages. We were astonished by all languages. Render yourselves further. Render yourselves together. Translate everybody…"

A Renseiw layered capture. Syntax from Gertrude S. and Robert A. Enter the loop here, or click on the physical presence above.

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