Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The market gate of Miletus

“…Sam Renseiw is making his way through the now empty building. The carpet is standard grey-blue in colour. The off white walls and sickly green doors are bathed in the artificial fluorescent light. He steps carefully through the foyer, past the three panel painting he has nicknamed "swirly". He heads towards the stairs and descends. It doesn't look any different, no natural light makes it down into the basement floor during the day anyway. Renseiw looks down at the key card in his hand. Printed neatly on its face is the code B05.
He finally has it. He draws in a deep breath and looks behind him, over his shoulder. Tonight he will commence his orientation unofficially….”

A space-trip in time, via Australia, Greece, Rome; Yet, it might just be in Berlin, recently.
A genuine Renseiw multi-layered hyperview, with musical experpts. Walk in, or click here for more details.

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