Thursday, November 03, 2005

The impact of modernist architecture

" For the poets of the Noigandres group, the concept of "concrete" was taken in an architectural sense: a structural material of "endless expressive possibilities," the element that not only would free architecture from the tyranny of beaux arts language, but also would enable it to address pressing social needs. This close association of concrete poetry with modernist architecture is revealing. The movement so strongly identified itself with modernism that its own modernity became obsolete; in other words, once the "concrete lexicon" was exhausted, the Noigandres poets were unable to develop their concrete project any further. Moreover, vlog concrete visual poetry also shared with modern architecture ideas that run from the broad social concerns of modernism-- such as utopia, utilitarianism, and sanitation-- to technical and stylistic matters involving structure, modules, form, and repetition."

A Renseiw concrete, material architectural (re)view, with clear links to futurism and Noigrandes. Join here or click in the crypt.

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