Sunday, October 30, 2005

A function of temporal succession

“ Linear causality assumes that the relation of cause and effect can be expressed as a function of temporal succession. Owing to recent developments in quantum mechanics, we can postulate that it is possible to know the effects of absent causes; that is, speaking metaphorically, effects may anticipate causes so that our perception of them may precede the physical occurrence of a ``cause.'' The hypothesis that challenges our conventional conception of linear time and causality and that asserts the possibility of time's reversal also raises the question of the degree to which the concept of “time's arrow'' is inherent in all scientific theory. If these experiments are successful, the conclusions about the way time as ``clock-time'' has been constituted historically will be open to question. “

Renseiw practising the Halloween rites on the doorstep, speculating on Halloween spoofs: A.Sokal’s brilliant inlay (2) and O.Welles air-waved descriptions of the world. Trick and treat yourself here or click on the window.


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