Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wasn’t to be converted (that is sexy)

"In comparison with Scriabin", retorted Sam Renseiw, "Rimsky-Korsakov's color-tonal associations, as Sabaneyev notes, have more natural, spontaneous character.But exactly in it,-as, by the way, Scriabin himself in the private argument with Rimsky-Korsakov - he sees possibility of the effect of chances (the effect of "white keys" for "white" C-dur, possible influence of a traditional application for pastorales of F- dur on its "green color" etc.). But, for addition, the correlations of Rimski-Korsakov appeared to be more preferable than Scriabin's theoretical scheme, at least, for those musicians who lived and created their works in Russia in the middle of the 20 c...."

Exerpts of Renseiw's conversation with another attendant at J. Pook's performance. Enter the visual memory, to compare

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