Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The third gaze (applied)

“… On the level of the Real, movement can be conceived as jouissance: as that which is more than sense, that which exhausts meaning in movement. Because it will always be more than meaningful and readable, one can enjoy the moving body…”

Sam R. applying the third gaze, while Dr. Siegmund upholds the symbolic scepter, centering the ongoing performative procession; As viewer, you unwillingly add another layer… enter somewhere on the image or here to gaze. See also the previous post for more info. And, remember: take a look in the archives...

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Blogger Petter Alexander Goldstine said...

Dear Mr Renseiw,
Pataphysics does exist. i thought perhaps it was a farce created by you, a sort of non-sensical nonsense. alas wikipedia confirms its validity.
your site is quite exciting and inspiring. within in this plethora of imagery lays a constant evolution in your procedure. while the abundance of small clips creates a larger whole, i am again reminded that the constant creation is often more important than the working over again and again of material never to see the light of day. your work says to me, quoting our favorite shoe manuafacturer, Just Do It.
Dear sir, it was a pleasure meeting you in vilnius, this site mirrors your playful approach to life and art.
thank you.


Thursday, September 28, 2006 9:16:00 am  

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