Sunday, August 07, 2005

the qualms of victor eremita

“… Each person must choose between a chair and the world, a chair and mammon. This is the eternal, unchangeable condition of choice that can never be evaded – no, never in all eternity. No one can say, “ Chair and world, they are not, after all, so absolutely different. One can combine them both in one choice.” This is to refrain from choosing. When there is a choice between two, then to want to choose both is just to shrink from the choice “to one’s own destruction” (Heb. 10:39). No one can say, “One can choose a little mammon and also a chair as well.” No, it is presumptuous ridicule of the chair if someone thinks that only the person who desires great wealth chooses mammon. Alas, the person who insists on having a penny without a chair, wants to have a penny all for himself. He thereby chooses mammon.A penny is enough, the choice is made, he has chosen mammon; that it is little makes not the slightest difference…”

Follow the qualms of Victor Eremita, re-enacted by Seimi N. In a spectacular (pata) philosophical recording by Sam R. observing the struggle either to sit or to continue moving, while the chair quakes(sic). Sit-in here or move to the picture.

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