Monday, August 08, 2005

the chlorine mermaid

”...There are countless ways to get out of swimming. Most I have already used. I have forgotten my trunks, forgotten my towel, I have acted ill, nauseous, had a cold, I’ve crept out of the pool, run into the changing rooms, taken out one of my contact lenses, run back out to the teacher, shown her my eyes, pulled up the eyelids and said, look, I’ve lost a contact lens and I can’t see shit—and she’s said OK—and I’ve arrived too late, twisted my nose till I gave myself a nosebleed, I’ve cut my foot with the scissors from my pencil case, you mustn’t bleed in the pool, danger of contamination. But I have used all these excuses before, so I continue to sit there...”

Johan H’s fear of water. But then he joined Apollo 11, and remembered Buzz A.. For Chlorine in space, Sam R. visualized a mermaid. Dive in here, or directly into the water above.



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