Wednesday, November 18, 2020

On view(s) out of the confined

“The many characters Beckett invented share one characteristic: they are all imprisoned or trapped in some way, no matter where they are. What Renseiw’s in “Copenhagen Confinement 2020” contributes to the ongoing discussion of a Beckettian politics, is an understanding of how the confined spaces of his oeuvre equip readers and audiences with a set of cognitive and conceptual tools for an ethical and political analysis of closed space. Renseiw’s one minute short voodle reflects that the politics of Beckett's spatial aesthetic is its resistance to the representation of enclosed spaces on the terms of the state, sidestepping hermeneutic closure to open up a multiplicity of closed spaces to socio-political critique. [...]

Sort of, paraphrased and detourned, in the above pataphysical description, Renseiw’s simple view out of the confine(d)video for Kerry Baldry’s One Minute Volumes, is now also patalab online, after (and still ongoing) international screenings. [OneMinute 2020, 1’00’’, 147MB, Quicktime/mov, Vimeo]

Those screening have been facilitated by fantastic Kerry Baldry, who right now does need all possible contributions for her recent, very very urgent project.