Thursday, February 06, 2020

on liberties that do not offend the eye

…”The philosophers of the Enlightenment were of the opinion that the rigours of nature fostered freedom-loving people. The Scandinavian artists who travelled to Rome were received in that spirit and participated actively in the process of liberation. In a letter from Rome in 1812, the architect Peder Mailing related that Thorvaldsen wished to “reinstate the golden era of the Greeks in the present age” and wished himself to “create a second Athens in his native land. If one makes a detailed study of the Greek column orders and familiarizes oneself with the Roman arches, one can master the application of any style … and take liberties that by no means offend the eye.” Styles became divorced from time, and the archeologists revived the life that had come to a standstill with the eruption of Vesuvius. Art styles were to have equal value. Thorvaldsen had liberated sculpture from architecture. Voodling was just as valuable as historical painting.”.. 

After a longer period vlogging the artistisc reaserch via Instagram, Renseiw post a unique condensation of views from KF18N, with a paraphrased quote from Lisbeth BJ. [patafilm # 877, 02’05’’, 205MB, Quicktime/mov] 

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Wednesday, February 05, 2020

happy new (with glitches)

best whishes for happy new year...yet it seems that Vimeo does not embed propperly anymore... or that it might be the good old blogger that does not play anymore. will try to ammend asap. best sam R