Monday, April 30, 2018

On capturing space about to be lost

“The voodler does not use 'descriptions' of the world; he himself has a hand in its creation…..Only when a person is willing and able to trust the voodler, to believe him, can he be sensitive and susceptible to art. But how hard it sometimes is to cross the threshold of incomprehension which cuts us off from the emotional, poetic image. It is a mistake to talk about the voodler 'looking for' his subject. In fact the subject grows within him like a fruit, and begins to demand expression. It is like childbirth . . The voodler has nothing to be proud of: he is not master of the situation, but a servant. Creative work is his only possible form of existence, and his every work is like a deed he has no power to annul. For him to be aware that a sequence of such deeds is due and right, that it lies in the very nature of things, he has to have faith in the idea, for only faith interlocks the system of images…”

A long due short voodle by Renseiw… who seems lost in short, accumulating short moments, post Vine, in the semi-homelessness of IG… In this short kitchen window sill voodle (just stuff there anyway) Renseiw ponders on the nostalgia of space(s) about to be lost [patafilm # 876, 02’36’’,76MB, Quicktime/mov, Vimeo] 

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