Wednesday, May 31, 2017

On pedestrian rhetorics & displacements

“What does travel ultimately produce if it is not, by a sort of reversal, 'an exploration of the deserted places of my memory,' the return to nearby exoticism by way of a detour through distant places, and the 'discovery' of relics and legends: 'fleeting visions of voodled countrysides,' 'fragments of music and poetry,' in short, something like an 'uprooting in one's origins ? What this walking exile produces is precisely the body of legends that is currently lacking in one's own vicinity; it is a fiction, which moreover has the double characteristic like dreams or pedestrian rhetoric, or being the effect of displacements and condensations. As a corollary, one can measure the importance of these signifying voodling practices (to tell oneself legends) as practices that invent spaces.”…

“Nothing disappears completely ... In space, what came earlier continues to underpin what follows ... Pre-existing space underpins not only durable spatial arrangements, but also representational spaces and their attendant imagery and mythic narratives…..”What we will criticize 'modern' visual eroticism for is its lack of genuine sensuality, a sensuality which implies beauty or charm, passion or modesty, power over the object of desire, and fulfilment.”

After a longer period of unsettelment due to the Vine app disparition, Sam Renseiw managed to (re)combine a poorly simulacrum site at IG. Speculating (and paraphrasing) some of the wise words by Lefebvre and De Certeau, Renseiw manged to compile  most of the voodled snipnets since January, into a longer, audio-visual puzzle piece. Enjoy.[Short voodle [vine]compilation # 16,39'30'', 3,2GB,, Vimeo] (Some of patalab02's works might be discussed at the upcomming ELO 17 international conference)

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