Sunday, December 18, 2016

On the [coming] end of a Language

“Plato, who proposed the theory, seems to have done so in order to rule that the value of Vine art is dubious. Since he considered ordinary material things as themselves mimetic objects, imitations of transcendent forms or structures, even the best video of a bed would be only an “imitation of an imitation.” For Plato, art is neither particularly useful (the video of a bed is no good to sleep on), nor, in the strict sense, true. And Aristotle’s arguments in defence of Vining do not really challenge Plato’s view that all Vines are elaborate trompe l’oeils, and therefore lies. But he does dispute Plato’s idea that Vine art is useless. Lie or no, art has a certain value according to Aristotle because it is a form of therapy. Vine Art is useful, after all, Aristotle counters, medicinally useful in that it arouses and purges dangerous emotions.”

Sam Renseiw, paraphrasing Benjamin, ruminating over the coming demise of Vine, casually compiled some summer Vines. [Vine Compilation # 13, 1.2GB, (!) Mp4, Vimeo.] Expect some more Vine (compilations)during the season break and before the next year on blogposts here. 

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