Friday, December 30, 2016

On the consistency of vining & voodling

“…Sam Renseiw does not lose heart and at each moment he thinks he has managed to see everything to be seen from his observation point(s), but then something always crops up that he had not borne in mind. If it were not for his impatience to reach a complete, definitive conclusion of his visual operation(s), Vining could save him from neurasthenia, heart attack, and gastric ulcer. And it could perhaps be the key to mastering the world's complexity by reducing it to its simplest mechanism: 6 seconds moving recordings. Sometimes shorter, always looping...” 

With the demise of the Vine app in January, the social-inter-activities will change. Yet, Investigating the coming Vine Camera as active app, more Renseiw (vine)compilations can be expected appearing here, next year. Interactive check on twitter: @SamRenseiw or IG: sam_renseiw. Since last year, some links on the Vlog have been repaired, yet about over 580 remain..If you find non working links in the in-between, try see if they might be on (sam patafilm/lumiere #(s) as in the posts texts) 

In the mean time: thank you so much (again) for (maybe still) following the work here or somewhere else…(somehow, somewhere in theses times of multiple platforms. Yet: the voodles (still)look great on iPhones and ipadminis, even the oldest ones. Try. A happy, prosperous and hopefully peaceful 2017 to all of you from your's sincerely: Sam R. (vine compilation #15, 10' 22’’, 950 MB, quicktime/mov /Vimeo)

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Monday, December 19, 2016

On counting to be in the world [vining]

“…What counts is to be in the world, the posture is immaterial, so long as one is on earth. To breathe is all that is required, there is no obligation to ramble Vining, or receive company, you may even believe yourself dead on condition you make no bones about it, what more liberal regimen could be imagined, I don't know, I don't imagine. No pomt under such circumstances in saying I am somewhere else, someone else, such as I am I have all I need to hand, for to do what, I don't know, all I have to do, there I am on my own again at last, what a relief that must be. Yes, there are moments, like this moment, when I seem almost restored to the feasible. Then it goes, all goes, and I'm far again, with a far story again, I wait for me afar for my story to begin, to end, and again this voice cannot be mine. That's where I'd go, if I could go, that's who I'd be, if I could be.”

One more. Compilation. Vine compilation, before it ends, or starts anew from January, that is. Samesame, but different Vines, as always. What seems eternal is ever changing, if one carefully follows. Most do not. Sam R does. Again and again. Keeping morsels of time [and space(s)] alive, somehow. Paraphrasing a Text for Nothing by Sam B… Enjoy the Vine compilation about nothing, really. Just time passing, sort of, in places. Sam R. goes there, and brings back tangible audio-visual memories. [Vine Compilation # 14, 760MB, Quicktime/mov, Vimeo]

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

On the [coming] end of a Language

“Plato, who proposed the theory, seems to have done so in order to rule that the value of Vine art is dubious. Since he considered ordinary material things as themselves mimetic objects, imitations of transcendent forms or structures, even the best video of a bed would be only an “imitation of an imitation.” For Plato, art is neither particularly useful (the video of a bed is no good to sleep on), nor, in the strict sense, true. And Aristotle’s arguments in defence of Vining do not really challenge Plato’s view that all Vines are elaborate trompe l’oeils, and therefore lies. But he does dispute Plato’s idea that Vine art is useless. Lie or no, art has a certain value according to Aristotle because it is a form of therapy. Vine Art is useful, after all, Aristotle counters, medicinally useful in that it arouses and purges dangerous emotions.”

Sam Renseiw, paraphrasing Benjamin, ruminating over the coming demise of Vine, casually compiled some summer Vines. [Vine Compilation # 13, 1.2GB, (!) Mp4, Vimeo.] Expect some more Vine (compilations)during the season break and before the next year on blogposts here. 

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