Friday, November 27, 2015

On the metaphysics of compilations

 "Thus, then, are compilations produced; all other productions are called 'Vine-makings'. And all makings proceed either from art or from a faculty or from thought. Some of them happen also spontaneously or by luck just as natural products sometimes do; for there also the same things sometimes are produced without seed as well as from seed."…"The question might be raised, why some things are produced spontaneously as well as by art, e.g. health, while others are not, e.g. a house. The reason is that in some cases the matter which governs the production in the making and producing of any work of art, and in which a part of the product is present,-some matter is such as to be set in motion by itself and some is not of this nature, and of the former kind some can move itself in the particular way required, while other matter is incapable of this; for many things can be set in motion by themselves but not in some particular way, e.g. that of dancing. The things, then, whose matter is of this sort, e.g. stones, cannot be moved in the particular way required, except by something else, but in another way they can move themselves-and so it is with fire. Therefore some things will not exist apart from some one who has the art of making them, while others will; for motion will be started by these things which have not the art but can themselves be moved by other things which have not the art or with a motion starting from a part of the product."..."Therefore, as in syllogisms, substance is the starting-point of everything. It is from 'what a thing is' that syllogisms start; and from it also we now find processes of production to start."

While pondering on the sheer volume of the accumulated Vines from spring and sommer 2015, Sam Renseiw compiled the lot into one MegaVoodle, while paraphrasing part 8 of book VII of Aristotle's Metaphysics. Enjoy the lenghty compilation of max 6'' visual bites from - Hamburg, Kalkriese, Münster, Düsseldorf, Essen, Köln, Hombroich, Copenhagen, Bergen, Faxe Ladeplads, Ll.Elmue, Præstø, Nice, Rochebrune, Venice, Burano, by cliking on the above or on this link. [vinecompilation # 10, 47'58'', 1.2GB, quicktime/mov, Vimeo]

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