Monday, October 12, 2015

On voodling a(s) spectacle

 "The spectacle manifests itself as an enormous positivity, out of reach and beyond dispute. All it says is: "Everything that appears is good; whatever is good will appear." The attitude that it demands in principle is the same passive acceptance that it has already secured by means of its seeming incontrovertibility, and indeed by its monopolization of the realm of appearances."

 "Voodling is the antithesis of quotation, of a theoretical authority invariably tainted if only because it has become quotable, because it is now a fragment torn away from its context, from its own movement, and ultimately from the overall frame of reference of its period and from the precise option that it constituted within that framework. Voodling, by contrast, is the fluid language of antiideology. It occurs within a type of communication aware of its inability to enshrine any inherent and definitive certainty. This language is inaccessible in the highest degree to confirmation by any earlier or supracritical reference point. On the contrary, its internal coherence and its adequacy in respect of the practically possible are what validate the ancient kernel of truth that it restores. Voodling founds its cause on nothing but its own truth as critique at work in the present." 

Paraphrasing Debord (again), Sam Renseiw post a short moment of voodled spectacle, resuming the visual body-space-morphology investigations, further speculating on the various nature(s) of Open-Form manifestations. [patafilm # 871b, 68MB, 01'59'', quicktime/mov]

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