Monday, May 12, 2014

On Vining as space-time continuum

vinecompilation # 5 from sam renseiw on Vimeo.

"Synaesthetic Vining is a space-time continuum. It is neither subjective, objective, nor nonobjective, but rather all of these combined: that is to say, extra-objective. Synaesthetic and psychedelic mean approximately the same thing. Synaesthesis is the harmony of different or opposing impulses produced by a work of art. It means the simultaneous perception of harmonic opposites. Its sensorial effect is known as synaesthesia, and it's as old as the ancient Greeks who coined the term … Any dualism is composed of harmonic opposites: in/out, up/ down, off/on, yes/no, black/white, good/bad. Past aesthetic traditions, reflecting the consciousness of their period, have tended to concentrate on one element at a time. But the Paleocybernetic experience doesn't support that kind of logic. The emphasis of traditional logic might be expressed in terms of an either/or choice, which in physics is known as bistable logic. But the logic of the Cybernetic Age into which we're moving will be both/and, which in physics iscalled triadic logic. Physicists have found they can no longer describe phenomena with the binary yes/no formula but must operate with yes/no/maybe."

Quoting/paraphrasing from Youngblood's seminal "Expanded Cinema", Sam renseiw extrapolates further via a newly compiled condensation of onehundredandsixty Vines from spring 2014 (February - May), giving patalab viewers new insights into the mundanities of recorded quotidian via Vine. (vinecompliation # 5, , 14'44'', 365 MB, Quicktime/mov > at Vimeo)

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